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Our Story

At Nevis Golf Co, our mission is to provide women golfers like you with apparel that sparks confidence and excitement each and every time you are on the golf course. 

Nevis Golf Co. was born after numerous frustrating visits to pro shops and golf department stores where women's golf apparel was a complete afterthought.

In the male dominated industry of golf, it seems as though 90% of the apparel is catered to men, and the remaining 10% of women's apparel is filled with frumpy golf skirts and shirts, loud colors and crazy patterns. On the other hand, the brands that offer stylish options can be unbelievably expensive.

We wanted to do something about this and offer a youthful, classy and cute look for the course. 

We want Nevis Golf Co. to be approachable for every level of golfer, whether this is your first time playing golf or you've been playing for decades. You don’t need to be a pro golfer to want to look and feel your best on the course.


Meet the Owner

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to check us out. My name is Ashleen Alberti, and I am the founder/owner of Nevis Golf Co. 

Originally from Upstate New York, I have been surrounded by golf my whole life but truly got into the game about 6 years ago. I am very much an amateur player still, but love the game and truly enjoy spending time on the course with family and friends.

Since taking up the game, I have always noticed there was a huge lack of options in women's golf apparel. 

With a background in Hospitality Management/Sales, I have worked in luxury hotels in Boston and New York City. In 2020, I was unfortunately laid off from my hospitality sales job due to COVID19 but looked at it as an opportunity to start something new and create something of my own. From there, the idea to start a women's golf apparel line then became a reality.

I am so excited to grow this brand with you and see where we can take
Nevis Golf Co!


Thank you so much for your support,
Ashleen Alberti

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Behind the Name 'Nevis'

The name Nevis Golf Co. is an ode to Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Scotland (and the entire UK for that matter). With Scotland being the birthplace to the game of golf, we found this to be quite fitting. We wanted a name that had direct ties to the foundations of golf.

There is also an island in the Caribbean named St. Kitts & Nevis featuring several breathtaking golf courses and beaches. We loved that the name had a few different origins that we could connect with! 

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